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Remember, this is about building a community as much as it is about finding speakers and learning about Android or App Engine. You need good content, but people will be more inclined to stick around and help out if they feel connected to the group :)
  • Pamela has a blog post about user interaction at conferences -- much of that can be applied to a meetup. 
  • There is a vast array of Google developer technologies, and many individuals and businesses that have worked with them. You can put out a call in your group and local community to have people speak about their experience, or you can re-use some of our existing materials. There are many workshops and codelabs that you can use for more of a hands-on meeting, and many slides/talks that you can give. You can even just get together and watch YouTube videos of past Google talks together. Check the Resources page for more info.
  • Google may also be able to help with sending speakers, particularly as your meetings grow in size (for example: above 100). This is entirely dependent on location and the speaker's schedules. You shouldn't feel that you require a Google representative at a meeting, though - just getting together to talk about Google technology makes you a GTUG.
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     Keep your group informed about what's going on at, by starting each event with a 5-minute summary of new stuff. You can check the Google Code Blog for the latest happenings. You can also just regularly visit, which has a more comprehensive blog feed on the homepage.