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AdSense API

The Google AdSense API lets select hosts build websites that interact directly with the AdSense platform. With this integration, hosts can create new AdSense accounts and associate with existing ones, manage ad units and channels for their customers, as well as generate ad code and reports.

The API is targeted at building deep integration with AdSense. The best implementations provide a simple and easy way for a publisher to create and manage an AdSense account for their space on the host's platform, without ever having to use the AdSense frontend. In addition to being able to create and associate accounts for their publishers, generate HTML ad code for automatic inclusion in the publisher's pages, and manage existing channels, hosts can also retrieve report data for ad unit performance information.

The AdSense API is based on SOAP 1.1 document/literal messaging technology.

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  • In order to get access to the AdSense API, you need to get a minimum of 100,000 page views across all of your publishers. This limit is strictly enforced.
  • In addition, you need to develop a business plan and go through a review process for your website. Please consult the Getting Started Guide for further details.
Sample code:
  • Sample code makes it easier to get started on your application. At the moment we provide samples for Python, PHP, Java, C# and plain XML (when making direct SOAP requests).
Documentation & Tutorials:
  • Documentation is available on
  • The Getting Started Guide should help answer all your questions regarding the process of requesting and getting access.
  • Case studies are available to give you an idea of what the API can be used for, and what impact it will have on your business.