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AdWords API

The Google AdWords API lets developers build applications that interact directly with the AdWords platform. With these applications, advertisers and third parties can more efficiently and creatively manage their large or complex AdWords accounts and campaigns.

The API is flexible and functional. Some of the possibilities for building application with the AdWords API are to automatically generate keywords, ad text, and destination URLs, to integrate AdWords data with your inventory system for managing campaigns based on stock, to develop additional tools and applications to help you manage accounts. The AdWords API is based on SOAP 1.1 Document/literal messaging technology, high-level client libraries are provided to help you more easily and quickly develop applications.

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Client libraries & code examples:
  • The client libraries provide a high-level view of AdWords API functionality, making it easier to quickly develop applications. To help you get started writing AdWords API applications, working code examples and installation instructions are bundled with each client library. We currently provide client libraries in Java, DotNET, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Perl.
Documentation & Tutorials: