DoubleClick for Advertisers API

The DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) API enables you to manage your DFA account using SOAP calls. DFA is used to create and organize campaigns consisting of hundreds or thousands of graphic ads, to serve these ads to specific websites, and to generate a variety of reports tracking cost, impressions, and clickthroughs. 

The DFA API can be used to automate recurring or repetitive tasks in your account, such as bulk uploads or modifications, or to integrate your account with custom or third party software solutions. The API does not provide any additional features not available through the website interfaceThe DFA API is based on SOAP RPC/Encoded messaging technology. High-level client libraries are provided to help you more easily and quickly develop applications.

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Client Libraries and Code Examples:
  • The client libraries provide a high-level view of DoubleClick for Advertisers API functionality, making it easier to quickly develop applications. To help you get started writing DFA API applications, working code examples and installation instructions are bundled with each client library. We currently provide client libraries in DotNET and Python, and we provide non-client library examples in Java and PHP.
Documentation & Tutorials:
  • API documentation is available on
  • Interactive tutorials are available at the DoubleClick Learn Center (Requires a Google Account associated with a DoubleClick product in order to view)
  • Product documentation is available at (The "how-to" articles are UI specific, but all of the background and product information is applicable and useful.)