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How to Hand-off a GTUG

    Hey, it happens. Life gets busy, or you have to relocate, and you no longer are able to carry on as an organizer for your group.

    First off, to back up a little, it's always good to have a co-organizer, if at all possible. Bring someone in to help you with the load, so that you can have someone to bounce ideas off of, and so that a hand-off, if it becomes necessary, is quick and painless.

    Stuff you should do:
    • If you don't have an obvious successor, personally identify and contact a few people who you think could do the job. If they decline, or you can't think of anyone, you can do a general shoutout.
    • You can email the entire list, tweet about it (maybe someone new wants to come in and do it?), and generally ask around.
    • Another good way is to hold a final event, get people excited, and then say "But we need your help to continue..."

    If you HAVE a willing successor:
    • Make sure to give them access to all websites/mailing lists/forums/groups/Meetup page/domain, etc. that they'll need to administer.
    • Email so that all the contact info can be changed, and new accounts can be issued for 

    If you DON'T have a successor after a reasonable search:
    • See if you can find someone within the group to maintain ownership of the websites and digital properties until someone else expresses interest in running the group.
    • Or, stay around in a greatly reduced capacity to maintain the digital properties until someone expresses interest in taking over.
    • Either way, email with the situation. The chapter will be de-activated until a new leader steps up.