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Web Presence

Follow the step by step instructions for creating your Google web presence using Google Sites and other related products.

    If not following those instructions, follow these general guidelines:
  • Your website should have all the basic info:
    • How to join a mailing list for discussion and announcements about the group
    • How to contact you, the organizer 
    • News, like upcoming events (or have a separate events calendar)
    • As you have more events, photos and videos to let people know what the group is like :) 
  • As your group gets larger, building out your website as a resource for your members is good
    • A place for job listings
    • Links to tutorials and materials/resources from past events 
    • Other interesting blogs and links that might be relevant/useful to your users
  • There are lots of free Google tools at your disposal that make it easy to get up and running!
    • Google Sites, Maps, Calendar, Ajax Search/Feed, Blogger, Documents, etc.
    • For the truly passionate, use deeper integrations with platforms and tools like GWT, OpenSocial, and App Engine.
    • If you want a subdomain on (like, create a Google Site off the domain and email to set up the web mapping.
    • ** If you plan on getting a site name like, and also want to get the email account, REGISTER THE GMAIL ACCOUNT FIRST. Otherwise, due to namespace issues, you will not be able to get the Gmail account. 
  • As a GTUG leader, you'll have an Internet presence which can possibly cause some confusion where people may think you are directly affiliated, supported or even part of Google. We strongly recommend putting a small disclaimer on your website:
    • "The ***-GTUG is an independent user group with an interest in Google technology and the content from this group is entirely independent from Google, the corporation."
  • Use Social Media:
    • Facebook (or dominant local social network) Group / Page
      • Lots of good tips on how to do this effectively out there on the internet
    • Twitter account
      • To get added to the @GTUG chapters list, tweet from your chapter account like so: "Hey @gtug, Please add us to your #gtug chapters twitter list. Thanks!
    • LinkedIn Group
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