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How do you attract more people to your group? Share tips here! Please remember: Always be polite, don't spam and be patient!
  • If you're involved with other local user groups, send out an email to look for interest.
  • If you list your group in sites like, it can help people in your area find you, and you can scope out other tech groups in the area that might have overlapping interests.
    • ** Check the manager's forum for a discount for the site.
  • Attend other local developer events, look for a 'shameless plugs' section
  • Use the (Social) Web

Twitter Networking

Use the big firehose of information that is Twitter to find people near you that are talking about GTUG-type topics.

Hashtags that are interesting are
  • #java
  • #wave 
  • #android
  • #gtug
  • #appengine
  • #gmaps
  • #gmail 
  • etc 
Then you can use the Location based Search 


The link above will search every tweet for Googley keywords within 25 miles of Munich (replace with your city or region).

If you live in a suburban area you should consider increasing the radius.

You can also use and Plurk for your search. is based on the OpenSource Microblogging System Laconia and has this nice Group Feature which could help, eg.


Find UserGroups in your city that are interested in Java, Python, CloudComputing (AppEngine), JavaScript or general WebDevelopment.

Find them on , , or FaceBook and say Hello to them and introduce yourself. 

Maybe you should write a short Presentation about your idea of a GTUG and spread them on 


Go to Unconferences (BarCamps) and regular Group Meetings of other UserGroups and to all other TechEvents that are that you can find and that don't cost money.