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Virtual, Satellite, or Remote Meetings

Sometimes, you just can't get everyone together. You can consider doing things like streaming your meeting so that other folks can attend virtually. This can be especially nice for 'satellite' groups that are close to a larger GTUG, but are still enough of a drive away to inhibit regular attendance.

Some sites to try:

 Site  Price       # of People  Supported OS  Screen share?  GTUGs using it: Other Comments
 Google+ Hangouts Free Up to 10    
 UStream  Free        mi-gtug  
 TeamSpeak  Free    Windows/Linux, unofficial Mac    gtug-sp  
 NicoVideo            Japanese only
 GoToMeeting    Up to 15  Mac/PC    massgtug  
 GBridge  Free      Yes  gtug-sc  You must have a Google account or Google apps account, utilizes Google Talk.
 DimDim  Free  Up to 20    Yes