1. How can I start a GTUG?
    Have a look at this Page on the Wiki, then apply for a new Chapter. Pretty simple!

  2. When will you approve my chapter?
    This depends a bit on our workload. It can take up to one week till your chapter gets applied.

  3. What shall I do after the approval?
    Read through our Wiki, read through the Mailinglists Archive. Introduce yourself and your planned chapter at the Mailinglist.


  1. Where can I get an instant Support from the team?

    IRC Channel

    If you would rather ask questions directly to the GTUG Community, you can access our Internet relay chat (IRC) channel. Simply join the #gtug-managers channel on irc.freenode.net. You may find GTUG managers who may assist you on your queries.

    Mailing list
    GTUG support and discussions continually take place within our IRC channels and mailing lists. To join a mailing list simply click on the Mailinglist. Please read through some of the guidelines below when using the mailing lists and follow the mailing list etiquette.
    NOTEThis group is a private group for the worldwide managers of Google Technology User Groups. Please request for an approval only if you have become a part of GTUG family and have got approval from one of the approvers.

    You can send a reply to the @gtug-Account on Twitter, that account is managed by an expirienced GTUG-Leader


  1. code.google.com is the Guru for GTUG Community.
  2. Google code channel - http://www.youtube.com/GoogleDevelopers
  3. Past presentations - http://wiki.gtugs.org/Home/content/list
  4. Google Code University (GCU) where you get sample course content and tutorials - http://code.google.com/edu/


  1. How to approach Sponsors?

    A friendly reminder:
    When someone sponsors your event, it should be like: Here is Food/Swag/Bugdet and you say: Here is a Banner on our Website, a Blogpost about your open jobs and a "Thank You Post" after the event
    It should not be like: Here is Food/Budget/Swag, and you say: we will complete an Application for you, guarantee you new applicants for a open position or else ...