Google Developer Groups (GDG)

The Google Developer Groups (GDG) program is a continuation of the current Google Technology User Group (GTUG) program with new branding. The essence of the program will remain unchanged. It is a network of local developer community groups run by local developers around Google's developer platforms and APIs. Google officially supports this community initiative, but, the activities of the individual chapters are not directly affiliated with Google.

The most visible official show of support is through the public directory of local chapters maintained by Google. Up until now, that directory has lived on this the site. Later this year, the new GDG directory will be launched on All the existing GTUGs will be migrating to the new GDG directory. Once that migration has been completed, the GTUG directory here on will be going away. However, those GTUGs that choose to retain their GTUG identities will be allowed to do so indefinitely even after they migrate to the new GDG directory.

Stay tuned for more updates on the migration from the current GTUG directory to a new GDG directory soon.