GDG +Page Conventions

Create a +Page for your GDG chapter that follows a few simple conventions. See the GDG Silicon Valley +Page as one good example.  

Required: +Page Title should be of the form: GDG <Chapter Name>
  • The default convention going forward is to lead with "GDG."  You are allowed to change +Page names, but, you can only change the name about once a month. So, please don't change your chapter's +Page name until you are ready to keep the new name for at least the next month. If you are at all uncertain about the new GDG name for your chapter, please contact first before committing to that name for the next month on Google+. 

Required: In the About Section, we ask that the Introduction start with fully expanded chapter name and say something about the chapter. This is the one place where the GDG acronym is fully expanded rather than in the +Page Title. 

Required: In the About Section, we ask that the Introduction end with the following disclaimer:
"Disclaimer: GDG <Chapter Name> is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation."

Required: In the About Section, the first recommended Link should point to 

Required: In the About Section, at least one recommended Link for a GDG organizer Google+ profile of the form: Organizer: Name
  • Do NOT use a short link or vanity URL. Please include the full URL, as we're parsing for your user id to keep your chapter listing up to date.
  • You can have as many organizers recognized in this way as you choose for your own chapter. We simply ask that each listed organizer have a fully defined Google+ Profile. For example, they should have a profile photo that represents them. Also, the About Section and Posts Section of their profiles should have at least some content and not be completely empty.

Recommended: In the Posts Section, we recommend at least one post per chapter event. Although not required, we do encourage the posting of photos, videos, and/or links to other online articles about each event. For tracking purposes, we ask that you tag all GDG related posts with the #GDG hashtag. When posting about events, we ask that you use both the #GDG and the #Event hashtag in your Google+ post. That way, it is easy for people to search for information about GDG Events by searching for these two hashtags in combination.

Required: Include a Website link for an associated site for your chapter. If you don't have a formal website, you could link to your Google Group. Or you could link to the future location of your chapter page in the new directory. The address of every chapter plus page is in this format: Simply insert your chapter +Page Id into that link format and it will point to the new location of your chapter landing page in the new directory once it has been added.

Recommended: Create a custom logo for your chapter. You can use this GDG Logo Generator. The logo generator allows you to use an arbitrary image you provide as the background for your custom chapter logo -- use something that represents your city or region. If you want full control of your custom logo design, then you can start with the high resolution vector graphics files attached to the GDG Logo Resources page on the wiki.

Optional: Include one or more contact email addresses for your chapter.

When you go to edit your About section, this is what you will see. 

Required: Each organizer listed in the new GDG directory needs to have their own public Google+ Profile. This is so we can have their names listed in a section for chapter organizers on their chapter page in the directory. These should not be empty profiles meaning: 

  • Required: There is a safe-for-work profile picture. If there are reasons why you do not want to use a picture of yourself, there should at least be some safe-for-work profile picture associated with any GDG Organizer's Google+ profile. Unless there are good reasons not to, we strongly recommend you use a current picture of yourself. 
  • Required: The About Section is not empty. Of course, the more information about yourself that you feel comfortable sharing in this section the better. Ideally, this would include some information about your personal experience as a Google Developer.  
  • Required: Log in to with the same account associated with your Google+ profile. This will ensure you show up when we add your chapter to the directory.
  • Recommended: The Posts Section is not empty. You don't have to be posting on a daily basis, but, an empty Posts section suggests the profile is unused. 


Before you submit your +Page to us to be included in the directory, make sure you have all the things we discuss above.